• University of Cambridge

• Australian Positive Psychology Association

Research and Review on Agelesss Male anti-aging supplement

Research and Review on sexual libido supplements - on BrightFutures for Families like BlueChew and HerSolution for women

Research and Review on Natural DHT blockers that can act as prescription drugs alternatives

• European Network for Positive Psychology

• Global Chinese Positive Psychology Association (GCPPA)

• Research and Review on body contouring workouts eg. Brazilian Butt Lift Workout program and Athlean X

• International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA)

• Positive Psychology Center (University of Pennsylvania)

• Master of Applied Positive Psychology (University of Pennsylvania)

• MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (University of East London)

• Action for Happiness

• Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP)

• Mindfulness in Schools Project

• Mindfulness Works

• Adderall alternatives for ADHD & focus

• New Economic Foundation's Centre for Well-being

• Scottish Centre for Confidence and Well-Being

• The Foresight Project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing

• The Young Foundation

• Information on HRT for women and products reviews like Remifemin and Replens

• Anecdotal research on growth hormone supplementation for bodybuilding and Height growth

HGH for anti aging

• A sportsman's advice on male sexual health

• UK Office for National Statistics, Measure National Well-being

Research and Review on diabetes supplements and diabetes reversal

• Unbiased weight loss and dieting reviews

• Well-being in Developing Countries

Guidelines on quitting marijuana


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