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It is a rather surprising fact that 10% to 20% men face the problem of psychological impotence in their lives. As it is, facing the issue of erectile dysfunction is pretty common in men, but psychological factors contributing to that at such a large scale is surely an alarming thing. When various emotional distraught, or hypertensive anxiety comes in the way of getting sexually aroused and take part in sexual activities, it is known as a case of impotence caused by psychological causes. Here are the causes and some ways to treat this condition.

Causes behind psychological impotence

Most cases of psychological impotence are known to be caused by emotional turbulence caused by stress at work, tension within the family, memories of past instances of being sexually harassed as a child and other issues that causes depression. People who have to face quarrels within the family more frequently are more prone to fall prey to the problem of psychological sexual dysfunctions. Another cause of psychological sexual dysfunction is the anxiety of a man on his sexual performance, which might even add to other problems like premature ejaculation.

A couple of instances of erection failures (which can be caused due to any reason other than ED), makes the man lose confidence in himself about his performance during a sexual act. This anxiety multiples gradually to give rise to a much bigger problem called erectile dysfunction that is caused by psychological reasons.

Treatment for psychological impotence

One of the biggest roadblocks for treating conditions of psychological impotence is the taboo that is faced by men to talk about their sexual impotency. The best therapy to treat such cases of sexual dysfunction is to talk things out to a doctor or a psychiatrist. Hence, it becomes very difficult to treat men with psychological impotence who feels ashamed or shy to discuss their impotency openly with a second person.

The best way to treat a case of psychological sexual dysfunction is by boosting the self esteem condition of the man. This can be done either by counseling him properly to come out of his state of anxiety or by giving him a few dosages of medical pills to increase his potency temporarily. Once his performance is good, he would automatically start getting the moral boost from within that he is getting cured of the embarrassing and annoying condition of an erectile dysfunction. As psychological impotence is not a physical issue, it needs psychological attention and with proper counseling, getting rid of this problem is not a challenge at all.


One of the major challenges faced by older men about their sexual health is erectile dysfunction or ED. This is a condition when the man faces challenge in getting an erection or holding it for long. This impacts the sexual health and the sexual experiences of the concerned man. As a protective measure, men should be aware about the various risk factors and treatment for ED so that they avoid this condition.

While you learn about the various risk factors and treatment for ED, let us take a look on the risk factors first. Talking of the risk factors, the first thing that needs to be mentioned here is the various medical conditions like diabetes and cardiac diseases. Prolonged period of such medical conditions could be one of the major risk factor behind erectile dysfunction in men.

Other risk factors contributing to ED

One of the major reasons behind ED is the restriction of blood flow into the veins and arteries of the penile region. This can be caused by excessive and prolonged use of tobacco as well. Overuse of tobacco, alcohol or certain drugs contribute to one of the major risk factors for ED. Apart from this, another reason of restricted blood flow to the penis is prolonged bicycling which compresses the nerves of the groin area and restrict blood flow to the penis, thereby contributing as a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

Some of the other risk factors for ED include certain medical treatments like radiation treatment or prostrate related treatment, injuries that cause damage to the nerves and blood vessels of the penile zone, or certain psychological conditions like anxiety or stress. Being overweight or obese is also a major risk factor for ED or erectile dysfunction.

Getting ED treated

Now that we are aware of the various risk factors of ED, it should also be known that these play a huge role in premature ejaculation, and that is where men look for non-prescription treatments like Rhino pills. Let us know about the treatment for this condition so that we are fully educated about the several risk factors and treatment for ED. The treatment for ED largely depends on the root cause of the condition. If ED is caused by psychological disorders, talking to psychiatrist to get rid of psychological dilemma could help. If the doctor finds that drugs like sildenafil or tadalafil can help, patients also have the option to go for telemedicine options like BlueChew and Roman Ed pills.

If it is caused as an outcome of certain medical conditions or medical treatment, there are certain injections that need to be taken in the penis or medicines that are to be applied at the tip of the penis to get it erected for a longer period. One of the most common treating modes for erectile dysfunction in men is the use of pills like Avanafil or Sildenafil which are commonly known as Stendra and Viagra respectively. use of effective herbal male enhancement pills can also be suggested by holistic medical practitioners.


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