Action Research: Well-being programmes for children

Collaborations between the Faculty of Education, the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology, the Institute of Criminology and the Department of Psychiatry are leading to the development of school-based well-being programmes. For example, we are currently designing a randomised controlled trial of mindfulness meditation for pupils in secondary schools. This programme is headed by Felicia Huppert working in close collaboration with Chris Cullen of Hampton School and Richard Burnett of Tonbridge School. Following the pilot phase in 2007/2008, we plan to offer the programme to schools both in the public and private sector.

Ongoing research in several departments which has hitherto focused on pathology (e.g. depression, anti-social behaviour) is being extended to the measurement and understanding of well-being (e.g. positive emotions, effective functioning, pro-social behaviour) in children.

Action Research - Well-being programmes for:

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