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To perform well in sports it is required to have a healthy diet. Likewise, it is very important to focus on your diet and nutrition for sexual health as well. There are many libido boosting foods which are known to be providing the body with the required amounts of energy that is required to perform well on the bed.

Intake of folate is required

One of the major nutrients for getting good sexual health is folate. Food items which are rich in folate should be consumed as much as possible. Hence the diet and nutrition for sexual health should contain food like green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, bok choy, cabbage or Swiss chard. Folate lowers the levels of hemocystaine, a harmful amino acid that causes PAD or peripheral arterial diseases. Apart from this, folate enhances the production of red blood cells and gives you the desired energy that is required for a super performance on the bed.

Essential amino acids

The presence of amino acid called citrulline can boost things up at the bed to great extent hence the diet and nutrition for sexual health should contain food items like watermelon, chick peas, onion and garlic, which are great sources of the amino acid, watermelon being the best source. Citrulline plays a vital role in dilating the blood vessels and that causes greater blood flow in the veins and arteries of the penis, thereby giving it a hard and longer erection.

If you want to spice up your sex life, you got add a pinch of garlic to it. While the pungent odor may tend to make your partner not allow you to kiss, but when it comes to thinking of the right diet and nutrition for sexual health, the list would not be completed without mentioning about garlic. The presence of the compound called allicin leads to greater flow of blood in the organs, which means higher sensitivity that would cause a better sexual health.

Vitamins play a major role

Vitamin C is a much needed element in the diet as it brings about better sperm count and mobility. To get the best benefits of Vitamin C on your sexual health, you should be looking at eating foods which are rich with Vitamin C, like the fruits from the citrus family. Talking of vitamins, the diet should also contain a healthy balance of Vitamin B6 and B5, as that helps in de-stressing the body to great extent, which is an important factor for a healthy libido. These vitamins can be found in bran cereals, eggs, sunflower seeds, tuna and salmon fish among other sources.


The eternal quest that almost all men have is how to get harder and longer lasting erections. Every man wants to impress his partner with the size and dimension of his manhood and to do so, it is required that the erection is not only hard, but it lasts for long too, at least till the end of the sexual act. Here are some of the simple ways that would get you an erection that will be the hardest and will last for long.

Position yourself strategically

The whole game of erection depends on how much blood is flowing through the blood vessels of your penis. This is the reason that to get harder and longer lasting erections, one should be extra careful of his position while having sex. Positions where the man needs to be on the top, like the doggy style or the missionary position, are ideal for getting a longer and harder erection as it allows maximum flow of blood into the genitals.

Things to avoid and things to use

While it is not a very safe practice, but removal of condoms are known to give longer erections. The rubber layer of the condoms reduces the sensitivity of the penis, thereby dilutes the blood vessels and leads to premature ejaculation or simply the erection to go off. If you are having sex with a known partner where you do not have any fear of inviting any STD, it would be a good idea to ditch the condoms to get harder and longer lasting erections.

Another reliable way to get harder and longer lasting erections is to use the penis ring or the ring of love. The tight ring when fitted on the base of the penis causes the blood to be trapped in the genitals and that makes the erection stay longer, much longer. Once you manage to get an erection firm enough, slide your wood inside the ring and enjoy a long lasting erection.

Eat healthy, stay healthy and fit and if necessary use healing hormones for example nadrolone decanoate , also known as deca durabolin

Apart from all these points, it is also necessary to stay fit and have a healthy diet to ensure that you are consuming adequate carbohydrates in your food. Zinc is another element that should be there in your diet in plenty as it is proved to be a vital element for production of semen and testosterone. All you need to remember is that unhealthy food results in less flow of blood into your genitals and that would cause a hard-on which is not at all impressive.


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