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Live Young Oral HGH by Trimedica

Finally we now have a homeopathic human growth hormone product that is not available in a spray bottle.  This is HGH pills.  We still take the stance that you can not legally make a homeopathic product from a prescription drug.
All the sites advertising this product claim that it was proven in double blind, placebo controlled trials.  Nobody offers any proof that these trials were actually done.   The sole certification we’re able to find on line regarded a law suit that the company lost involving a product called Grobust.  The trial and appeals court essentially decided that the trials for that product were misrepresented.
The active component is supposed to be USP Recombinant human growth hormone 6C + 100C + 200C.  Halfway to nothing and a whole lot of zeros on the other side of nothing.
We discuss homeopathic potency in a number of our reviews.
The suggested retail price is $49.95 but you can easily find it for at least 33% off.  Seems people think you can slap HGH on a homeopathic product and charge twice as much as regular homeopathic remedies.
Live Young Oral HGH is not recommended.