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Oral hgh sprays or Guaranteed scams !

Hgh products can help reverse the process of reverse aging if you are using quality products. But unfortunately, scientific studies have shown most oral Hgh sprays don’t work. Growth hormone according to studies does not have the capability of passing through the membranes of the mouth.
Why oral sprays don’t work ?
A lot of people have asked me why I say bad things about hgh oral sprays when there are quite a few companies out there that happen to deliver popular oral sprays products and their website has tons of testimonials. Well simple, they are just not worth buying. Let me repeat again:- they should not be bought.
Starting with oral sprays that claim to contain real hgh
SCAM! There is no way to make a spray out of the real pharmaceutical growth hormone. No scientific method or formulation exists by now. And even if they could make it somehow, how can a company legally sell a drug (real hgh) without a prescription. You need a prescription to purchase it. Have you heard of a viagra spray, alli spray ? Real HGH like viagra is an FDA approved and monitored drug that requires prescription.
Why people fall into such scams ?
Because they think that they are getting real hgh and since it’s in spray form, it’s a lot cheaper than the injectable alternative. Please stay away from these companies.
Nutritional hgh sprays
Such products claim that you can get all the ingredients, required vitamins and minerals for hgh release in few sprays. It’s a joke! Only few sprays can’t provide you with adequate amount of such ingredients to make any positive changes take place. If you want to take such ingredients it’s always better to take them in pills form.
Homeopathic hgh sprays
Homeopathic remedies do not work the way most of the homeopathic hgh products say they do. Though homeopathy itself is an effective methodology, these products just don’t do that. When it comes to products that claim to have homeopathic real human growth hormone, this is not legal either. Have you seen homeopathic Viagra or Valium? Moreover, According to Homeopathic medical theory taking homeopathic hgh would be a remedy for too much hgh in your body system : the way vaccines work or the concept of fighting poison with poison. So you know it’s silly if those companies say their product is backed by homeopathy. Even the homeopathic experts believe that the companies behind these products are giving homeopathy a bad name.
Hopefully you now realize the truth behind hgh oral sprays.

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