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Get Psychiatric diagnosis – ADHD, anxiety, depression

At Cambridge Wellbeing, we understand the intricacies of mental health. Our platform is designed to offer comprehensive psychiatric services, ensuring that you’re supported at every step of your journey. Embrace a path of clarity, understanding, and recovery with us.

Get a Diagnosis from a Psychiatric Professional

Navigating the challenges of mental health disorders can be daunting. Cambridge Wellbeing is here to simplify the process. If you’re grappling with symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, or depression, our platform offers a seamless way to obtain a clinical diagnosis online. This is the first step towards crafting a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

From Diagnosis to Treatment

Experiencing symptoms like poor concentration, persistent sadness, heightened anxiety, or sleep disturbances? You’re not alone. Many face these challenges daily, but the silver lining is that these symptoms can often be addressed and managed effectively. By connecting with a specialist at Cambridge Wellbeing, you’re taking a proactive step towards understanding and improving your mental health. Our platform is designed to provide you with comprehensive support, ensuring you’re not just diagnosed but also guided towards a path of recovery.

Online Clinical Diagnosis

Choose from our roster of board-certified providers and engage in a private, judgment-free online video consultation. This ensures that you receive a thorough evaluation from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for physical visits.

Receive a Comprehensive Evaluation Report

Post your online consultation, you’ll be provided with a certified evaluation result. This report is not just a testament to your diagnosis but can also be utilized for academic or professional purposes, ensuring you receive the necessary accommodations at school or work.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Our commitment doesn’t end at diagnosis. Based on your evaluation, you may be prescribed medications tailored to your needs. These prescriptions are promptly sent to your preferred local pharmacy. Moreover, with our emphasis on a holistic approach, your treatment plan might also include recommendations for lifestyle changes, therapeutic interventions, and more.

Continuous Support and Follow-ups

Your journey with Cambridge Wellbeing is characterized by continuous support. Easily refill your prescriptions online and stay in regular touch with your provider. They will monitor your progress, ensuring that your treatment remains effective and relevant. Additionally, you have the liberty to message your provider anytime, ensuring that your queries or concerns are addressed promptly.