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The simplest way to get higher HGH levels naturally

The simplest way might not be the easiest way for you especially if you hate the word exercise. But still this stuff works- plain and simple.
Here is the best way to get the highest peaks and the longest duration of growth hormone secretion. If you are obese or a sedentary older person, start out with fifteen to twenty minutes of brisk walking.

As you get into better shape, increase to a twenty-minute race-walk or jogging and add ten minutes of weight lifting exercise.

For those who are more fit, start with a thirty-minute jog-run and fifteen minutes of weight-training, increasing ultimately to forty minutes of running and twenty to thirty minutes of weight training. It requires a workout of a little more than an hour five times a week once you are in fit condition.
To get the fullest growth hormone enhancement effect, reverse the usual order of things. Begin with your warm-ups, progress to resistance training, and end with your aerobic exercise as follows:
1. Start with resistant exercises for about twenty to thirty minutes. This will get the spurts of GH going and tone and strengthen the body.
2. Then do thirty to forty minutes of aerobics that will maintain a high level of growth hormone for several hours afterward. At the same time, you get the cardiovascular benefit and augment the burning of fat.


For maximum weight-loss, muscle-gain effect, do what the bodybuilders do. In the morning when you wake up, drink water, preferably, or tea or coffee.
Take some carbohydrate fluid for energy. Then do the GH workout outlined above. In this way you burn off yesterday’s calories. And you get your thermogenic and metabolic rate higher for the day.
When you finish your workout, eat breakfast, following a high protein, low fats, moderate carbohydrate menu for optimal body contour. To help replace protein lost during exercise, you can supplement with branched-chain amino acids at this time.


The optimal weekly schedule is: Exercise for three days, rest one day, exercise for two days, rest one day.
Alternate resistance exercise so that you don’t work the same body parts in a row.
For example, shoulders and arms one day, chest and back the next day, legs and abs the day after. Then rest one day and start the weight-lifting routine again.

Exercises to promote growth hormone

Certain workouts can specifically reverse the aging process by stimulating the production of growth hormone.
It will help in boosting your muscle mass, cutting down fat, improving skin thickness and bone mass. The disease fighting capability also gets enhanced.
Exercises for instance squats and dead lifts cause the large muscles like gluteus, biceps, quadriceps, back muscles and hamstrings to burn energy. This could certainly improve the secretion of human growth hormone.
The two main types of exercise which stimulate growth hormones and they achieve it in two different ways.
Research suggests that both constant and irregular exercising is advisable to promote increase in GH secretion in 24-hour in overweight as well as non-obese people, based on research workers at the University of Virginia as well as Mayo Clinic in Rochester.
Aerobic exercise leads to continual long-term release of growth hormones in the plasma for two hours or even longer as soon as you stop working out. Resistance exercise such as weight-training brings about the bursts of growth hormone that activate IGF-1.
Reasonable intensity instead of high intensity might be sufficient to stimulate growth hormone release.

Selecting A GH-RELEASING Exercise

You may select an aerobic exercise for boosting GH plasma levels. This consists of running, race-walking, treadmill machine running, as well as stationary bicycle.
Stick to these guidelines when you exercise:
1. Begin from low intensity and increase gradually.
2. Work out for a half-hour.
3. Workout 3 to 6 times per week.
4. If you are above forty and also have been previously less active, go for gentle intensity in the beginning. When you are trained, you can begin attempting for higher intensity levels of 60, 70, or even 80 % of optimum oxygen uptake.
Never try to begin any workout program with out obtaining a comprehensive sports guidance and medication advice by an experienced physician.